We’re seeking committed and passionate coaches to join the Sharks in season 2019

The Sharks are seeking committed, passionate coaches to join the club for the 2019 season.

Established in 1992, the St. Kilda Sharks are one of the oldest women’s football clubs in the country. 

Full position description below

For more information call Leesa Catto | 0417 524 843

To apply email your CV to  stksharks@gmail.com 

Position Description

Section Description
Title: Division 1 – Assistant coaches 

Division 2 – Coach and assistant coaches 

Reports to: Committee St Kilda Sharks Football Club
Responsible for: Division 1 & Division 2 teams 
Nature & Scope of the Position The coaching team is responsible for Leading and Managing the development and implementation of the Club’s Onfield Football Strategy, which includes:

Strategy and Game Plan

Coaching Effectiveness and Communication

Effective and Appropriate training

People, Player and Self Development

Developing and communicating a culture of success including club outcomes

Effective Date: Immediate
Qualifications: Level 1 Coaching Accreditation

Relevant AFL coaching experience

Apply to: stksharks@gmail.com

Enquiries to Leesa Catto | 0417 524 843 

Vice President | St Kilda Sharks 

Key Performance Indicators

Section Description
Strategy & Game Plan Develop a game plan that is effective at both Senior and Reserves levels

Provide a framework including tactical plays for stoppages, offensive, midfield and defensive plays 

Provide a flexible and agile game play that can be adjusted to conditions including weather and opposition teams

Coaching Effectiveness & Communication Provide multiple ways to communicate the game plan on and off field including utilizing various members of the coaching group.

To enable a flexible game plan that provides opportunities for each player to learn all possible roles and structures they may fill individually and in a team environment

Provide appropriate instructions to players at training, pre, during and post match

Establishing a clear player selection criteria for Seniors and Reserves considering player capabilities and experience 

Foster an environment where feedback is openly received from playing group, leadership group and coaching group

Training Endorse a Train the way you play philosophy

Preparation, communication and implementation of training

Strong focus on game structures, everyone must know their role

Individual player development and education

Establish direct link of training drills to the game plan

Post review of prior week’s game and addressing performance gaps

People, Player & Self Development Engage the club sponsors to support of the club and its future players and goals

Provide an open pathway to select leaders taking into account all stakeholders at the Sharks

Define the role of the leaders and empower individuals to execute their role

Have a framework to address player performance and ongoing development needs to enhance overall team performance

Be an example of the clubs values and standards

Culture of Success Establish a professional and disciplined culture for players, coaches and committee which reflect the clubs core values

Provide strong leadership to the playing and coaching group that encourages a supportive team environment consistent with the club’s values