SEWFL Round 1 Results (Cranbourne – Saturday May 5th, 2018)

Results from today’s games in Cranbourne.

Division 2
Sharks 5.2-34 defeated Cranbourne 3.20-20

It was a hard fought win for our division two girls who led all day and when the final siren sounded we were fourteen point winners.

Post match we attempted to put all of our debutants in the middle for the song but quickly realised 80 percent of the team were debutants and settled for the traditional circle.

Division 1
Sharks 4.3-27 defeated by Cranbourne 5.10-40

In the last quarter of the division one match the girls were only a goal behind with five minutes to go, but Cranbourne kicked a couple of points late and a goal to seal the win.

Unfortunately we left our charge to late and Cranbourne were too good.