Week 1 (2015)

If I’m being perfectly honest, I could have paid more attention to the Premiers game but I was too busy alternating between sulking after the div 1 loss and stuffing my face full of food, having said that in between forkfuls I did notice a few standouts!

Overall I would say that the seniors looked very tight out there, their play up and down the field looked really cohesive and they seemed to be playing very well as a unit.

It was great to see Mia stepping up to the leadership role and using her voice to direct play and encourage her teammates from the backline, new Sharkies Tilly and Britt killed it out there and the Premiers midfield was looking fab with Amy giving them some muscle out of the centre.

Shout out to Tam Hyett on her first senior game, great work out there girl!

I feel that we can definitely take some positives away from the div 1 game without harping too long on the negatives, however there are definitely some points that we need to address.
I felt we weren’t hungry or aggressive enough when it came to attacking the ball offensively, our fitness on the field wasn’t representative of what we are capable of and we didn’t adhere as strictly to our forward line structure as I would like us to.

It’s important for us to remember though that we have a lot of new faces in the side this year, as time goes on we will all slot into our game day roles and the pressure of being reigning premiers adds a new dimension to a loss, now we’re fighting to retain a position rather than to attain it.

I saw some great stuff out there from newbies Nic, Erica and Nugget and we had some sweet run-on down forward by Elle, I think these guys will prove to be big assets to the Sharks this year.

It was interesting to see the coaches play around with some of the senior players positions like putting Ellie on the ball and Scagey on the wing, both of these girls can bring something new to our midfield with their experience.

Looking back I see a lot of room for improvement and the potential for div 1 to have another great year, we had some really lovely passages of play, I feel the Ressies can have a rewarding year as long as everyone works hard and sticks together!

Rachel Achampong