2016 Results – Sunday 26th June (VFL/Premier Division/Division 2)

Results from today’s games.

In our Division Two match up the Sharks fought hard all day and showed massive improvement against the top of the table Spurs.

In round 2 the Spurs defeated the Sharks by a whopping 83 points, today it was just an 11 point margin.

Sharks 1-2-8 defeated by Western Spurs 2-7-19

Goal Kickers: O. Brown
Best Players: M. Fuge, J. Lowe, M. Hope , G. Donovan, K. Lewis, N. Liston

In the Premier Division game the Sharks found themselves battling another ladder leader in Bendigo.

The top of the table Thunder side were too strong and walked away with the points.

Sharks 6-0-36 defeated by Bendigo 14-12-96

Goal Kickers: K. Moore 3, E. Baulch 2, J. Male
Best Players: K. Moore, J. Male, C. Standley, C. Montgomery, C. Haughey, E. King

The VFL Sharks side continued their winning ways with a 33 point win against the Spurs. The girls sit equal second with the Mugars and face Melbourne Uni in a battle for second next weekend.

Sharks 11-9-75 defeated Western Spurs 6-6-42

Goal Kickers: M. Hope 4, J. Garner 2, E. Gilder, T. Lucas-Rodd, T. Hyett, C. Portlock, A. Whitehead
Best Players: J. Garner, R. Achampong, M. Clifford, J. Colwell, T. Lucas-Rodd, P. McWilliams

Special shout out to our milestone players this weekend.

Jess Gardner (50 games)
Tania Winchester (50 games)
Terri Kiefer (100 games)

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