Self Care

Time for some Self Care!

So lets talk about ‘Me’ time.

What do you do, or do you even take time out to spoil and nurture yourself to feel refreshed in your body, soul and spirit?

Consistent self care helps you better in all areas of your life as a person and especially when it comes to playing football and being involved in ‘giving’ within a team sport.

I know over the years I have had to find things that help me feel refreshed, nurture my body and enjoy life a whole lot more. Your then in turn are able to give in a greater capacity as you have filled up your own tank! Personally I love to bake, make healthy treats, time with friends, get a deep tissue massage, sleep in, read the papers, or a book, write poetry, meditation/faith/music or doing a good gym session! Another way I have found refreshes me is a walk around the Markets on a saturday morning with a coffee, no rush! These are just examples of my things I enjoy and they often change or i find new things I love to do that help me find balance in my life, which then in turn enable us feel whole and perform at a better level in all areas and for those around us.

Its easy to neglect yourself and be too busy to take time out that you need for the sake of meeting others expectations or your own. In taking time out for you, it will actually help look after your other life commitments and you will function and perform at a greater extent.

Some self care examples may be;
* Phone time OFF
* Sleep in’s / Rest
* Medical Check (annual)
* Go to a sporting game/musical/live music
* Massage
* Journaling
* Music – singing
* Walk/exercise
* Quality friends/family time
* Hobbies – drawing, painting, writing
* Cooking
* Hair / Nails done
* Photography
* Reading
* Day Spa time

Obviously there is plenty more, but we are all unique and have different ways we can get the benefits of self-care, whether it be once per week or some may be one a month or each day! But find something for YOU and take time to get to know YOU more if you don’t practice self-care and love the person you have been created to be as you are made to be LOVED, enjoy life and feel refreshed and whole so you can also perform at your very best in every aspect of who you are.

Go do something to spoil yourself – You are really WORTH IT !!