The Sharks new web series has launched!

Episode 1 (10/5/14)

Hosted by Sharks vice president Annette Arzoumanian featuring interviews with 300 gamer Belinda ‘Blouse’ Bowey and coaches Marnie ‘DJ’ Rosenberg and Lloyd Balshaw. Gina Donovan goes live with Shark Bait and there’s the very first Shark encounter with new shark an ex professional golfer Tamara Hyett

Episode 2 (14/5/14)

A special milestone addition of ‘The Farm’ hosted by Ellie George-Brimson jam packed with interviews and footage from both the milestone games (11/5/14) at the Peanut Farm vs Melbourne Uni


Episode 3 (25/5/14)

Hosted by Rhiannon Banner featuring Shark Bait live at the Onesie party, a very special Irish edition of Shark Encounter with Claire Sheehy and Ellie tackles the AFL women’s draft.

Episode 4 (8/6/14)

Episode 4 sees a number of Sharks travelling west for the annual Vic Country vs Vic Metro exhibition matches. With 9 players and a coach representing the Sharks there was plenty to talk about. Keryn Ralph got a last minute call up as host and delivered brilliantly with interviews with Shannon McFerran, Moana Hope, Steph Chiocci (Diamond Creek), Meg Hutchins (Eastern Devils), Alex Whitehead and a number of Shark pups that played in the inaugural under 21’s match.

Episode 5 (5/7/14)

Hosted by Terri Kiefer featuring a very special Shark Encounter with Alex Vanderwaal and Grace Elly Vanderwaal, Annette Arzoumanian catches up with Keryn Ralph after her big 100th game, we cover the women’s game at Etihad Stadium and more

 Episode 6 (21/7/2014)

Hosted by Lauren Bazeley – This weeks episode of ‘The Farm’ covers Phoebes big 100th game, Shark Encounter visits long time Shark Rachel Achampong at her bands open mic night, Gina’s back with Shark Bait and Tammy challenges Kez in the very first edition of Shark Feud